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Now that we’re deep into the season and so many spots are getting such good snow this year!!, we wanted to take a moment and highlight the Monument Tragedy, past, present and future for you guys….

Several years ago we decided to blend freestyle with the benefits of a powder oriented feel so that you wouldn’t have to think twice about switching out your board when the pow started to rain down.

So came the Tragedy with Monument’s ERC camber, flat from the tail up through the nose, with a subtle early rise about 4mm from the nose wide point, which is just the right spot for superior float without any annoying chatter you’ll find in  some reverse and multi-hybrid molds.  Tack on an added traction point right above the front binding and you’ll instantly notice the additional grip and response when you’re slashing hard through the trees. Using the same core as the epic F.V.K for the right blend of Bamboo and Poplar, you’ll feel the F.V.K.’s response instantly with an almost surf feeling that you’ll absolutely be surprised by when you’re hitting those epic lines.

News from our fellow riding advocates that have ridden the Tragedy during 2015/16!! See what they had to say below:

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Mike Rock Drop Edit

7 Springs rider, Mike Zandron taking lift off somewhere in Jackson Hole!!


michealangelo blogv2

Somewhere Colorado by Michael Stohlgren!! 13/14 Tragedy!!



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