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The morning of, I had to ask a few times, why is it so f’ing cold,, it’s September, really… But after stumbling down to Walnut St. with less than ample sleep and setting up, the sun quickly came out to bake the hell out of the day, including our sweet corner spot if you noticed. With some heavy eyes, it was fun watching everyone roll in, and the randomness of the day unfold.  Initial honors go to the first few booths to take up around us, from the very welcoming Niche crew that let us borrow their scissors often, you’re the best!! since we never come prepared and Portland’s teeth were hurting from gnawing through string, to the skate crew straight out of Nebraska yo!!, having way too much energy for 8am on Sat, you guys rule and thanks for chilling with us early on.

It was good having our Duluth and Common Apparel riders come down for the road trip.  If you got to meet them, they represent the solid crews coming out of the Mid-West over the past few years.  We saw where that background can lead with two solid films being presented at the Blockparty. Bald Egal showcased their final production, ‘Hooks an Hammers’ after 15 years of documenting the Midwest and bringing up and coming riders to the forefront. Then Celtek’s ‘Nothing to Prove’ played which felt like a well written documentary featuring time in Minnesota and Utah, as well as few of the hardships that sometimes comes with the riding life.

Team rider and a mainstay of Monument, Krister Ralles, was featured in both films and has been picking up more coverage in TWS and other sites over the past year.  If you didn’t get a chance to see either on Saturday, both will be coming out online, at TWS and Itunes, or our site once released. We’re stoked that Krister is getting a bit more recognition because he truly just rides the hell out of spots and gets after it like few others do.

To support independent snow films – ‘Hooks and Hammers’ is now on Itunes so check it out now.

If you’re seeking out a serious independent film over the winter months, look out for the new ‘The Impaler’ film that’s planned to drop this Winter, and premiering in Duluth.  If you haven’t seen their previous work, check out ‘Working for the City II’ that featured Colin Wilson (past) and Sam Bakken of MNMNT


Afternoon Highlights:

– Portland and others got the Tiki Ring Toss up an running midday which ruled, and we found that some of you nailed it, while others, well yea, Thanks to James Olsen for hosting the afternoon sessions for us.

– Our 2015 FVK with art by David Cook made a few rounds around the area and if you didn’t get a viewing, definitely check out our new site for specs and optics.  Boards arrive in shops and our store early October so get in touch for sure.

– A 2014 FVK was handed out at the end of the day, along with a few other prize sets from Monument and Common Apparel.  A few tickets didn’t get picked up actually, so a fierce Tiki battle ensued with a winner coming as the sun fell.  He seemed pumped or partially zapped as noted by the photog.

– We had the chance to meet a few new friends from Gunnison and Breck, and can’t wait for this season to get started so we can begin working together. A trip from SIA to CB for a few sled turns will happen this year!!

– Sun, Heat, Sun, Alcohol, Montana, Altitude, short street skate, Afterparty, Dinner, Bed, Plane, East Coast.

We received a great reception from everyone and loved being out for the day. Thank you for dropping by and hanging with us. I hope we were able to share a bit of our passion and commitment to creating boards that push the creative limit and aren’t faint at heart.  We’ll be at SIA once again and Copper for the following demo days, so do seek us out.

Good travels and runs.

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