Bobby Van Houten

Mountain – Killington Vermont
Founding – Garden State
Board – BlackBlack 153cm
Stance – Regular
Boots – 32 Prime
Bindings – Union Atlas
Stance – 15,-15
Favorite feature in the park – Gap/disaster rails
What’s in the earbuds – Either 90’s rap or classic rock

Last year Monument was introduced to Bobby Van Houten as a rider progressing his style around Killington and the surrounding Vermont range. Not only was he making the most of VT, but we found out this kid hails from NJ and started out on a few of the mountains our team hit frequently in the past.

This past summer Bobby had the opportunity to track out to Colorado for as summer season at Woodward Copper, sharing with us some sold imagery and more importantly how fun the summer season can be. We caught up with Bobby for a few words and to share his session edit for his summer of ’16!!


Photo: Chad O @chadotterstrom

How did your riding begin in the Garden State?

So I actually started skiing around the age of 4 or 5. My mom and dad took me out to the mountain a lot when I was younger and around the age of 11 or 12, I took the switch to snowboarding. It was a long time ago, but growing up in NJ and being less than a 10-minute drive to Mountain Creek was awesome. Riding in NJ is pretty interesting and if you have never been there it is definitely worth a visit. Almost everyday the mountain was a sheet of ice. We also had one side of the mountain and two lifts dedicated to terrain parks only, but the only shitty part is that all the riders from New York City and surrounding areas would come out on the weekends and blow up the spot. As a positive though, the mountain also had night riding although we understood that it was super dangerous, but it allowed me to be able to ride almost everyday after school. Oh and a side note for the kids, just remember to bring a lock for your board or it might get stolen!!!

When did you make your way up to Killington?

I moved up to Killington for college in 2012 and stayed an extra winter there after I graduated. The park riding up there wasn’t too too involved but over the 4 years I spent there, it blew up. Linking up with all the Darkside homies out there was awesome as well as they all shred really hard and ride pretty much every day. I think my level of riding really increased when I got to Killington. I was able to ride more and ride with people way better than me so it made me push myself a lot more. Gotta give a big shoutout to Darkside Snowboards, Mike Garceau, and all the other homies out there that have helped me out.


Left photo: Chip Proulx @chipproulx / Right photo: Chad O @chadotterstrom

What led you to travel out to CO for the summer and what’s it really like,, work, chilling, ladies, summer parties?

So the move to spend the summers in CO started last year when my buddy got a job there and was able to ride everyday with free housing and food. You just can’t pass that up, plus with the opportunity to film everyday it’s a no brainer. The work as a counselor is pretty chill. I wake up at 7 get my campers ready and eat breakfast. Then at 8:45 pass them off to their coaches and go ride till about 12. Then we get the campers back at 3 and go to the barn to skate and jump on trampolines till about 9pm.

We only get about 24 hours off each week. During that 24 hour period though we usually go to like a chill hiking spot and drink. There aren’t too many girls around here in Summit County so that’s kinda lame on the situation. We usually try one trip to Boulder or Denver for a Rockies baseball game which is fun and gets interesting, just roaming the streets all night bar hopping, say hi at people. Sunday returns and we gotta look not too hung over in front of the campers and parents and then make it through the day.

Any notable best days on the hill?

I would say everyday out here is my best day. I get to shred with all my homies every morning/afternoon and get to film with the pros that come to visit. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We noted Chad Otterstrom was taking some photos of you over the summer, how has it been working with him?

Chad O has been killing it this year with the photos. I honestly didn’t know who he was till my buddy told me he was pro and all this other shit. And then of course I had to look him up. But yea he’s a sick dude. And he still rips. He sent a massive backflip over the hip a few weeks back. The picture looks like he was photoshopped in. It’s tight. But yea he’s an awesome dude and always down to take shots of all of us.


Photo: Isaiah Cary @icary215

Is Colorado known for good food up there, best taco spot you’ve hit?

Ummm, I haven’t gone to any good taco places out here in Summit but one time in Boulder we hit up this place we were told about and suffice to say, it wasn’t good and slowed down our drinking for the night. I’ve kinda stayed away from the taco joints since then, but Ollies bar has a good Mac and Cheese for happy hour.

Gota give a shout out to Chip Proulx for taking awesome pics too and Ryan Sheetz for filming me and making sick edits all summer!

Filming credit goes to Ryan Sheetz(@ryansheetz) and Greg Bejian(@greg.bej).

Thanks for the love and support guys!!



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