Last week we had the chance to catch up with Nate Blomquist and Jake Braseth to check out what’s been occurring up in Duluth MN, and also take note of their new home for Common Apparel, Nate and Jake’s house project turned skate/snow brand that’s making moves.  Their new Summer line drops June 29th, so definitely take notice:  Common Apparel

To kick off the inaugural introduction to friends and general city dwellers, Common pulled together a forum of present and future artists to share the level of creativity their hoping to capture with Common as well as their riding and skating. With Pabst Blue Ribbon providing support, the night kicked off, well,, from the afternoon through the evening until it was time to spill out to Prøve Gallery and other night time festivities.


Stephan Pestalozzi, Rich Hall, Nate Bard, Leanna Perry, Kaelin Horne, Andrea Barch, Jack Klander, Jake Braseth, Craig Cameron, Josh Johnson, Sam Jorgensen, Brett Spurr

Here’s a taste of that first evening:


New Craft Line coming soon.

New Craft Line coming soon.

Common-Wall_0457_1 Web

Common-Wall_0420_1 Web

Nate and Jake, two of Monument’s creative core and all things riding in Minnesota.

Jake and Nate of Common

Jake and Nate of Common

Common-Wall_0394_1 Web

New Screens set up, check.

Common-Wall IMG_2682 Web

Common-Wall IMG_2683 Web

Common-Wall IMG_2679 Web

Common-Wall_0491_1 Web

Not too shabby for an summer evening view…

Common Gallery – Still open therefore do reach out and view some of the talent Minnesota is capturing.

31 1st Ave East #B, (above/behind the corner liquor store yo!) Duluth, MN.

Common-Wall_0404_1 Web

Nate Bard @from_the_cosmicoffin

Common-Wall_0479_1 Web

Common-Wall_0403_1 Web

Rich Hall @rich_hall


Common-Wall_0471_1 Web

Quest Love and Busts by Craig Cameron @craigerr

Common-Wall_0461_1 Web

Jake Braseth sketches… @bad_assid

Common-Wall_0388_1 Web




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