Motown Throwdown


Have you been to MorganTown, WV?  We headed out West to check out the MoTown Throwdown and cheer on MNMNT rider Sam Skidmore, who’s been riding along the I-81 corridor park scene for years.  We heard that Pathfinder, MoTown’s local shop, was again partnering with 7 Springs to bring this event to the streets, and we quickly saw why this day is becoming a mainstay for the Appalachian range. Sam arrived without too much trouble and newly welcomed MNMNT member Jordan Soohy was on build duty, so we said some quick hellos and he got back to work.

Here are a few highlights, in no real order:


– One person tank looking tractors do exist


– The crowd packed in nicely to watch the riders take on the three rail setup. The drop-in looked speedy and everyone seemed to take off without too much trouble.  The base landing got chewed up pretty quickly however, but this just made for some good spills as guys came in fast to the fences



– The event was broken down into two parts, warm-ups which may have been deemed qualifiers and the main event.  If you’ve seen other MoTown photo’s, this little dude in red took the show, and some solid riding was had by a few young up and comers showing their style.

– Sam was solid for his first outing and his style was on point.  I don’t think he slipped out once, just kept it consistent and solid.  Stoked to see him ride more this season


– Some took on the challenge of beer and jibbing.

The final outcome saw Mike Zandron at 1st, Jason Anderson 2nd and AJ Lawson at 3rd.  Solid riding for sure.

– For a storied party town, the city was eerily quiet. Our persistent questioning at the local bar and with a few fellows noted that the previous weekend saw riots and burning couches being launched around, oh, ok….

– Who noticed the guy with a live chainsaw walking through the crowd?  yea, that happened, he began to cut down the set up right after that.

– To the guy who fell off the top platform while everyone started attacking the breakdown, I hope you made it back to the hospital.  You took a 2 story fall, left the hospital, ran into us where you said you couldn’t feel the entire side of your body, but that you were good to go, and drove off.  I would rethink that and get some medical attention asap, please….


– The FVK was in full form.

For a regional event, it had a solid draw and the ice to snow transition seemed legit for the crew.  The day was well worth it and I’m locking it down as a day to visit once again in the future. Our local scenes need events like this, so see you in 2015 sir…

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  • sparkletots

    Haha. Interesting chain of events. I see a future movie in the making.