As we’re putting the final touches on for September, we wanted to share a preview of the amazing work our Monument creators put together for Winter 2016!!! After taking a few months to ourselves to focus on summer travels and family moments, we’re so stoked for these intense pieces to make it out onto the trails.

Catalog – For all specs, sizes and more details check out the full catalog here.


The District

Art by: Kelly Towles

Since working with DC’s mural artist and neighbor Kelly Towles back in 2012, we wanted to re-connect with his raw street work that’s landing on buildings all over this changing Capitol.  The 2016 District has always been about sheer fun in the Park, and we felt the District was the perfect forum to showcase this 7ft piece of spray paint & ink expressing his most recent cast of imagination.


The BlackBlack

Art by: Charlie Immer

The BlackBlack was Monument day 1, and we’re still offering this True Twin/ Camber setup for park and street annihilation.

Upgrading the base for 2016 and adding our Rockwell 40 Edges specifically to absorb your hardest jib hits, this deck is legit.

Integrating a graphical design by Maryland’s Charlie Immer, we found that he’s achieved a level of ghostly darkness that’s moving oil canvasses to new levels of inspiration. We hope you find this piece as vivid and unreal as we do!!

Nate Blomquist, Zach Soderholm, Allen Santucci among the broader Monument team have been and will be lapping this deck all winter long.


The Loveless

Art by: Jim Houser

For those looking for a more compact True Twin with serious Park flex, we’ve brought you the Loveless to fully capture that street aura we want to keep on the mountain.  Working with Philadelphia’s Jim Houser’s who brings imagery that bears in mind the skate days of years past, this deck will bring your mind back to the early days of jib lines and all day pipe sessions.

The universe field is impacting us daily…..


The F.V.K

Art by: Niark1

What can’t we say about the F.V.K.

You want to ride any line that dares you all the way into the approach, yea, this deck was made to test your gut.

If you’re going to enter crazytown, might as well roll in with an image that mimics your world view.  Working with Niark1 for 2016, we’ve forged a graphic that merges power and insanity.  Krister Ralles, Christian Manhard, Mike Zandron, Andy Pearson, as well as the much respected Mike Page!!, will be taking this deck on a solid tour of hammers. Time to hit it.


The Tragedy

Art by: Trevor Henderson

All Mountain Freestyle to the point of true panic.

Horror and destruction seems to inspire artist Trevor Henderson and why not blend that lunacy with a deck that offers epic power for anywhere on the mountain.  Add the semi-directional shape and our ERC profile to the Tragedy, and you’ll be powering through the steeps and powder zones for days.

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The Memento Mori

Art by: Jon MacNair

To those facing ever present death…, or so the legend tells us.

Combining our ESP Ultra core with Torsion Control under your bindings, this reverse camber deck is extremely light and agile for your back country tours, but with enough stability and playfulness to keep you in the park all day long…

Inking the Mori’s Bamboo top sheet this year, artist Jon McNair has brought us a paradigm of ancient figures that appear utterly wild and weirdly medieval that may invoke tales of yesterday. Regardless of these past references, we know this wood will turn heads and help you make history of your own.

Offered in 158cm and 160cm Reverse for 2016, as well as a limited 153cm true camber for our park focused lads, the Memento Mori will provide you with the next level of technical specs you’ve been searching for.

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Also featured in last season’s Heckler Mag 

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