During the 2000’s, snowboarding had an insane level of energy and a subtle feeling of exploration as to what was capable in the backcountry and eventually the streets as the first generation of snowboarders moved into uncharted territory for all of us.

Fast forward a decade and we’re sitting down with Mike Page in Montreal QC, a key foundation of Forum during the infamous years when Mackdawg was creating films that inspired us all including the Resistance, True Life, Video Gangs and countless other pieces of riding history.

FVK Overhead v2

Photo: LACOURSE FOTO Marc-Antoine ”The Race” Lacourse

Mike has an energy and positivity that could easily elevate an entire room to get out and shred for the mere sake of doing so.  We happened to meet Mike during the winter of 2014 and quickly found that our paths were more aligned than we could have thought.  He saw our energy for wanting to bring Monument’s focus of independent riding and artistic creativity to the forefront, and in him an insatiable longing to ride without limits even after years of pushing his life through unknown odds.  In our words together when we met, he shared his focus to work and build a film project that would capture a story that would go beyond mere spots and bangers, but one that would share a major dark moment in his life; providing a level of optimism for anyone needing encouragement to overcome tragedy and come back further than before.


Mike Page Gap Main

Photo: LACOURSE FOTO Marc-Antoine ”The Race” Lacourse

Now we’re inviting you to join Mike’s journey over the next 2 years and get up close and personal with him as he tells a unique story of perseverance and passion.

Over the next few months Monument will be following Mike as he ventures back into a 2 year project focused on sharing his exploration of undeveloped spots, sharing his perspective on where he was and where others may go, and of course having fun riding full on.


We’ll be teaming up with Periscope to bring you live feeds as Mike tackles each day and will be building an evergreen journal on Monumentsnowboards.com as he moves through North America and beyond building a new chapter in his story.  We’re stoked to have met and begin working with such an amazing rider, not only from skill but pure energy.  More to come friends and we’ll be announcing new locations and features soon!!

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