Each year we strive to bring the most unique and visionary products to the snowboard community and we are stoked to see that YoBeat selected the 2016 Memento Mori as one of the 12 Most Chill Boards for this season!!!

What can we say, we put everything we have into the Memento Mori to make it a whip you want to take anywhere.  Whether you’re heading into the deepest of powder with the Mori’s Reverse Camber profile or charging down groomer lane with the Memento Mori Camber version, both were developed for taking hard lines over the entire mountain.

After choosing the title of Memento Mori several years ago, we’ve wanted to define the entire series across the seasons with visual art and symbolism of a darker nature.  We feel that by working with Jon MacNair for 2016, we’ve designed something truly special with that mindset.   By blending the Mori’s soft bamboo earth tones with MacNair’s intensely eerie and mysterious sketches from a world not known to us, this board eventually turned into something truly sick and awakening.  Check it for yourself!!

Tech Talk – Using our Earth Science Project (E.S.P.) Ultra core, the Mori comes out extremely light-weight and responsive due to the Ultra’s blend of Poplar/X-wood with its TCC design element and vertical Carbon for enhanced pop and durability.  TCC is 6 perpendicular wooden cross-strips that we set underneath the binding inserts (made visible when using our bamboo top-sheet) that ultimately tightens the binding area resulting in an accelerated rate of energy transfer when initiating turns, while keeping the rest of the board torsionally soft.


MoriWhistler vII


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