Luke Gonty arrived and is taking in Whistler, British Columbia:

Known as the gateway to epic powder; when it shows up, a village that is all time, and only hours away from the beautiful Vancouver and powder highway, who wouldn’t want to live here and get creative.  Welcome Luke Gonty, Manitoban, snowboarder, good bloke with a zest for keeping it alive.  We caught up with our new Monument addition a few days ago to learn how seasons can go in the Canadian NW:

Luke Gonty Whist Tan Jacketv2

So, heard you’re from Manitoba. How did you make your way to Whistler and what were your first expectations when arriving. We’re they ever met, haha!

I sent it out west a couple months after I graduated high school and patiently waited for the snow. Upon my arrival I was expecting it to be as it was in the magazines I read growing up; this pristine powder palace littered with parks and a back country wonderland. 3 years later, and I still hold residency in the playground that is Whistler.

Last year wasn’t so great on snow was it?,, what did you and the crew do to keep things up to snuff?

Last winter was something out of a horror movie as far as snow is concerned, but we were lucky enough to have some of the most snow in the continent last season. Even so the back country was almost un-ridable, and off limits to say the least. We kept busy with sun filled days in Blackcomb park and it actually ended up being one of the best seasons I’ve ever had. There was an ache in my heart where the faceshots and nipple deep champagne pow once was, but we filled it with perfectly groomed park jumps and a good crew. Makes for a great time.

Your edit ended up with such a good sense of style, which we always appreciate here at Monument, as well as a great soundset,, where did that selection come from and how did the overall concept develop?  What are we in store for this year!!

First off, thank you! Jonny Cass is great filmer/editor, and I’ve been super lucky to be involved in his material the last couple seasons. As far as the edits go, he gets a song together and we just start shredding, then he waves his wand and we have an edit! This season we have a couple of projects in mind, but they’re all kind of up to the snow situation. If I have it my way you’ll see a lot more of me riding the natural cliff covered booter buildable back country of Whistler and a couple more locations!

Luke Dan v2 Small

Luke Gonty & Dan Kneubuhler dueling it out.

Now that you’re in BC and taking advantage of an epic location, especially if this season brings the goods, what are some of your plans for the upcoming winter, Contests, Roadtrips, etc..

This winter I’m looking to film in a full movie with a crew of guys Jonny is getting together including fellow MNMNT team rider and good friend of mine Dan Kneubuhler. The two of us will be traveling around in Canada and the upper western USA hitting a few comps, as well as coming to hang with the team in February! Looks to be a pretty packed season, but I’ll have a smile on my face the whole way along!

Cheers man!

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