Krister Ralles

Mountain – Trollhaugen
Founding – Minnesota
Board – FVK 155cm
Stance – Regular
Boots – Vans Infuse
Bindings – Union Team
Stance – 15, -15
Favorite feature in the park – Gap/disaster rails
What’s in the earbuds – No music when I’m riding!!

Krister stream vii

fishin, capture by Erik Ralles.

What’s been going this past summer!! We’re you back up in ND working a few stories above the earth or your hanging in Minnesota?

Yep, I was back in North Dakota working for a crane service in the oil field. This will be my 3rd summer out here and things are going good.  It’s slowed down a little bit though. The last few years I’ve been working 70-100 hours a week and this summer its around 50-80 hours a week. Its hard work  but I will do anything to have my winters off to film. I’m driving a semi truck and working with 200 ton cranes. You never know how long your day will be or what kind of crazy construction you will be doing. Right now I’m working a month on, two weeks off. Of course when I get time off, you know I’m fishing my face off. I went to Canada and Montana this summer fishing, along with fishing around the house in Minnesota.

Sounded like you got into a few projects last the winter.  What are we expecting from you this fall?

Last year went well. I didn’t end the season with a broken bone for a change, haha. I worked with my brother Erik, Mike Thienes, and Austin Young for the Celtek movie again. These are my favorite people to film with and we had a really fun productive season. Also I might have a couple shots in the Union movie which I’m excited about. The line up in that video is insane and I’m glad to be apart of it.

See Krister’s Full Part in Bald Egal’s “Search Engine” at Transworld!! –

Krister - Steps vII

by Erik Ralles, setting up shots in the northern spots.

Past parts –

Now that you’ve gotten a few parts and road trips under your belt, what stands out to you for the most unique moments you’ve shared with the mates.

There has been lots of good times over the past few years. Filming for Hooks and Hammers, all the Celtek movies, helping Dan Brisse with his X games part. I guess  the stand out moments would be some of the bigger spots in those movies. Also this past season was sick. Filming with my brother, Austin, and Mike was amazing. We had a small crew all season and got some really cool stuff done. One trip we took was up to northern Minnesota to a little cabin on a trout lake. There was lots of snow up there compared to down in the cities and we thought if we can just get something done it would be worth it. We ended up ice fishing more than snowboarding but found a cool road that was down hill for miles with no traffic. We ended up doing some follow cams and building some side hits on it. That trip was really fun and will never forget it.

Krister_Troll_2016 vIV

Sick shot at the Troll/ Trollhaugen by David Sutton, insta @trailhigh…

Any hot Tinder dates to speak of, haha? or better yet any stand out lake outings!

No hot tinder dates, haha especially not in the oil field. I did catch a 40 inch Pike on my fly rod in Canada though. That’s probably the fish of the year so far.

You’ve been riding the FVK for some time now, how has this board shaped your style and where you’ve been able to go?

I love the FVK, that board is awesome. The duel camber is sick as it gives you more pop and you can press like crazy. I use it mostly for rail riding but that’s the thing, it’s real stable off jumps for how well you can press it.  Also it holds an edge really well even when I round the edges off. Did I mention this deck is bullet proof! I haven’t snapped one yet.

Heard you guys grabbed a camera finally, what are you thinking about getting into this season film and travel wise?

This year I would like to film with the same crew for the beginning of the season. If we get the right amount of snow I have some big spots in Minnesota I would still like to hit. Also it sounds like we have a few Monument riders now living in Utah so I would like to make my way out there and ride with them. Be sure to keep an eye on the gram this season think we’re going to be dropping some hammers.

Krister Method vII

Capture by Erik Ralles/ Krister Ralles Method at a local hill near you!!


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FVK 2017 Grey Backdrop - square vV

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