Kelly Towels is a D.C. based artist making rad shit all over this city , that’s been an extremely changing landscape since the founding days of Monument back in the early 2000’s.  We love this guy’s style, creating and cultivating a deep world of characters representing themes that are meaningful in a weirdly poetic way.  Kelly’s been taking mural’s to the next level etching work with crew’s including the solid DC Brau (who brought a legit beverage series to this city along the Patowmeck) and the U Street Music Hall, along with carving out imagery across various industrial sites wherever creativity is needed.

After working with Kelly a few seasons ago, we wanted to connect with him once again to work on a piece that brought more of his recent characters to life and of course we chose the fun and versatile Monument District series as a clear choice, blending street art with the skate focused District for all the freestyle riders out there!!

We caught up with Kelly as he got back from a tour in Asia working on new projects and getting to meet our Monument Japan family.

Kelley Towles 556 V2 Blog

Recently we noticed that you took an artistic odyssey to Asia and specifically Japan, what was the main objective of this journey and how was it meeting the Monument Japan crew?

I was in Taipei to work on a project and we had a few days that we were free. Basically I couldn’t turn down going to Tokyo when I was so close. So me and homie Ian Roche who does film jumped on a flight- and boom. my mind was blown. I went to research for my next solo show and – man it was worth it. I was so stoked when Yoshi hit me up- Went to a spot he likes and just hung out took us to a sweet skate park. Def a rad dude. I can’t wait until my next trip- which hopefully will be soon. Yoshi- what up homie!!

Kelly Towles 552 V2 Blog

Using pressure to create new beings amongst us.

This new series of characters, what was the foundation for this latest cast and where did they derive from?

I wanted to give a stacked crew- kinda of like homies helping each other out in some space oddity world. def was stoked on the elements and ideas of how to make the most of the canvas.

Nats Stadium DC v3

Once viewed mural across from DC’s Nationals’ Stadium, SE D.C., thanks to Kelly Towles.

Working and creating in DC!!, how did you come to arrive in this city and how has the art scene progressed, especially with the entire city seeing massive changes over the past few years?

I have been in DC for the past 15 years and it is the best city in the world. Believe me I could live in Tokyo- but my heart belongs to DC. The scene here is small – but epic. a lot of great artist. I wish I could hang with them more- but I usually am locked in the studio. good problems/bad social life.

We also noticed you’ve been working with DC Brau, definitely a hallmark of the city’s change, how has that been?
DC Brau are my homies. they are some on the best dudes on the planet. really – We just holla at each other when something epic needs to happen- and then they make amazing beer- so art and beer- I am good with that.

Awesome, thank you brutha… looking forward to hanging once again…

Kelly Towles Shots 559 V2 Blog

New 2016 District Twin Tip with future works in progress by K. Towles!!



The new District is available in 149, 153 and 156cm.



Parting shot of a past skate monument by K. Towles.

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