Jake Braseth

Jake Braseth, one of the creative contributors and founders of Common Apparel, the Duluth based brand that’s hand crafting snow and skate goods for the Northern Midwest scene, as well as rider, traveler and all around good bloke. We caught up with Jake to learn more about his creative mindset, riding with The Impaler, living the Duluth life, and hitting new roads.

Jake Braseth
Age: 23
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Home Hill: Elm Creek and Mont du Lac
Board of choice: Black Black 151

When did you start riding?

12 years old, elm creek days

Why did you move to Duluth?

That is where my friends were and the snowboarding was best. The real place for street riding. Mont du lac got a tow rope so it was the place.

So you went out to Bozeman freshman year, what made you make the move at young age?

I wanted to get out of Minnesota and ride real mountains. Bozeman was the spot for that.

Would you ever go back?

Yeah I was thinking about that lately, might try it out another time. The snow is so good and the weather is amazing.


Would you try and film backcountry or try and live out there and travel to film a full street part?

Try to ride as much as I can, backcountry for sure, and it would would be sweet to base out of Montana since it’s center to everything, do it all.

What are your thoughts on The Impaler?

The Impaler is a group of dudes who all just want to snowboard, since they have the passion and they do it in a new way basing it off a creative skate style approach . It is more than the “industry.” It’s what real snowboarding is. THEREELEST. They are all really good at snowboarding and want to be creative, with these both.. that is the Impaler.

What do you like about Monument?

They support me and my friends which I appreciate a lot. Their boards are hands down the best boards I have rode and the fact they put effort in to finding real artists for the boards is awesome. I appreciate it a lot since I am an artist myself. It really puts a final touch on the final product they put out. A lot of the times, boards sell because of the name, team, but MNMNT graphics are beautiful and really shows what the brand is all about.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully living the dream. Snowboarding, skateboarding, painting, traveling, and I hope to have visited 8 different countries.


So you help with most of the art for Common Apparel, what style do you guys go for?

I like to think of it as straight from the sketch book. They are humble but fascinating designs. They are based off our lifestyle whether people know it or not.

What is the story of how Common was thought of?

Spring Break 2010, our senior year, Nate and I went to Ft. Lauderdale and on the beach we both talked about doing something sick that can sustain us in the future to allow us to skate/snowboard everyday. Why not start a clothing company? We knew what would sell. Nate was good with the business and I did the artistic design approach. The first idea was FELT clothing for a while but that changed haha. We vowed to go back to Ft. Lauderdale when we turned 21 since we couldn’t do anything fun while we were there, that still has to happen. We did get in to one bar underage.. got some $5 shots of some weird blue drink as we got our hookah since it was a hookah bar. It definitely was the weirdest experience we have been in. From there we met some dude on the beach, had no plans, it was packed since it was spring break and some older dudes called us over. They were college students from PA and offered us booze, we were 18 so obviously we accepted. We played football during high tide, learned to hit on chicks actually. They actually convinced us to hit on these two girls who were from Wisconsin, they ended up hanging out with us. They took us under their wing and they picked us up later that night. As we were in this condo, the dude we met realized he is having a kid and almost threw his phone in the bay… stuff got weird for a bit but it mellowed out. He then brought us to a bar and got us in and then we left after a beer pong tournament. From there we chilled by some kids skating downtown and walked back to where we were staying. We met some homeless people giving us life lessons that we both took to realization. Crazy night.



Common Apparel, Monument Snowboards, PLO Snow, Stinky Socks, The Impaler Mag

Any last shout outs?

To everybody that has helped me along the way. My mom for being awesome. Everyone at Castle Danger/Knife Island, Duluth friends in general, all the chicks who have dealt with my shit, and all the people in my life that make it fun.

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