Emily Kos Is Bad Ass


Emily Kos is killing it out in Minnesota, hitting her local mountain, entering contests and just having fun.

We’ve known for a while now that Minnesota is a haven for young riders advancing their fun and style on the local hills to levels we can’t even comprehend.

Nate Blomquist (@CommonApparel) introduced the entire crew to Emily late last year and let us know that she was plain rad and someone we should meet.  Riding a second-hand BlackBlack a few too many sizes off the mark, she was shredding it on the hill and comps like no other, and after seeing this photograph by Trevor Slattery (@trevoranthonyphoto), we had to sit down and ask Emily a few questions about her season, where it started for her and riding Minnesota:

Where have you been riding?
My home hill is Elm Creek. It’s a very small hill, but its full of terrain so you get a lot of hot laps in!

How did you got into riding?
When i was 8 years old, we took a family skip trip to Colorado, and thats where i bought my first snowboard. When I was 12 my mom brought me to Elm Creek and she asked if i wanted to try the terrain park. I hated it! I looked at it and did not wanna do it. I started going more and more, and each time i went i made new friends and learned new tricks. At 13 I did my first Elm Creek rail jam competition, and ended up placing 1st! From that point on I started to take snowboarding a lot more serious and it has become my passion.

Plans for the rest of the year?
Unfortunately my plans have changed for the rest of the year. I injured my ankle playing soccer, and i am working on the road to recovery. As soon as i get cleared from the doctor, i will be back on the slopes! My goal is to compete at the femme fatale on the 28th of february, and any other competitions there after.

New things you’ve tried this year and how you got that last pic?
New tricks I have learned this year are:
Back 180’s on, cab 180’s on, backside board slide 270 out, switch/regular front boards, 50 50 back 3 out

In that picture I was being filmed while i was doing a front board onto a down double barrel (down rail) and towards the end of the rail i slipped out toe side and hit my face on the snow.

Emily-Koss---MG_0478-v2 Emily-Koss-MG_0499

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