Downtown Throwdown

October 18th, Saturday afternoon in Boston, there really wasn’t another reason to be anywhere else than at the Downtown Throwdown to throw our support in for Christian. He’s been pushing it within the New England scene and when we heard he’d been given the opportunity to kill it in the Feeders, we knew he’d be a lock to get into the main event.



Photo by: Marco DelGuidice


Photo by: Marco DelGuidice



As we know all to well however, getting a serious slam on the resume is only a matter of time and it struck right in the f’ing middle of the Feeders. Christian was definitely 100% stoked to be representing NH, at the DTTD, on home turf, and looking to get after it, but it wasn’t meant to be this afternoon.

The main event went off without a hitch and as you’ve read in all those nicely produced sites, Ryan Paul came out strong as expected. Jesse Paul look super consistent for the #2 spot and I’m seriously looking forward to seeing Jesse’s part in the upcoming ‘The Impaler’ film.  That should be set for a solid November premier and tour throughout Minnesota, so stay tuned for details!!!

Back to the day at hand though, to our MNMNT brother, you didn’t’ disappoint, and your steadfast heart to stick it out, and miraculous recovery for the after party earns top awards in any man’s book.  Did I provide the promised whiskey on arrival? No matter that, 6 weeks for the collarbone to reconnect and heal up, and we’ll see you by December.

Christian summed up the day perfectly:

“Feeling good besides the little jolts of pain haha.. The dttd was amazing! 75 degrees and sunny in a plaza filled with massholes snowboarders and Gorgeous babes besides the broken collar bone I couldn’t ask for a better day of shredding in my home city.”


Thank you Marco DelGuidice for the sick shots, you’re documentation of the New England scene is respected –

Tom, appreciated the trunk space on arrival and crash course in Technine evening ground rules – (insta) @technine_ec

Great meeting the guys at Bean Snowboards, and a few pints pre-DTTD at Clarkes –

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