Rhode Island is in the far corner of snowboarding, with the ocean and harbors at your doorstep, a local brew founded in the 1890s, and enough Georgian and Second Empire to feel like you just time traveled back to the 1700s, you have to wonder where the hell Yawgoo Valley rose from and how the local landscape impacts such a strong group of riders taking advantage of all options Yawgoo has to offer.

We caught up with the ruff and ruthless Allen Santucci for a little per-season fireside conversation.

Rhode I. is one of those few places on the east coast where you’re surfing/skating/riding all in the same town. How’d this impact you growing up and getting into the riding life.

Being able to surf, snowboard, and skate all within 15 minutes of each other is definitely cool. surf early morning, ride Yawgoo mid-day and get an afternoon session with the boys at OMF. ( our local park) @omfskatepark on IG.

Yawgoo has been your base for a number of year.  After visiting a few times, we can see how some may take a double take when walking up, haha, but what makes this place special to you.

Well being able to make 100 rope laps in an hour with all of my friends might have something to do with it haha. the people are pretty cool for the most part, and its 7 minutes from my house.

You really pushed your riding this past season, what, if anything changed with your approach and what’s motivating you to push it further now?

i just ride for fun, i see the yawgoons set up some crazy shit and it makes me try to be more creative.

You had a chance to road trip down in 7 Springs for the Oakley Pipe Contest for your 21st and ride Super Park. What was your first beer like? I heard you and the Monument fellas made nice with a few local PA brides, how was that?

the trip to springs was sick from what i remember, we had really shitty weather for the mini pipe contest but the next day was bluebird. regarding the cougars, i was on about my 15th vodka red bull and decided to go talk to a bachelorette party. i guess they liked me, they took some pictures with me and gave me flowers haha

Allen_0603 ZoomIn w2000

Plans for next season.  I heard maybe a Troll Haugen trip perhaps? How as meeting up with Common in PA this year.

this winter i really wanna go out to MN and so some filming with the common apparel kids. I’m back in school so finding a time i can go there for an extended period of time might be hard but hopefully it works out.

@eddiesbbq ask for the fried chicken !



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